Mary Paulusma (peeteeherman) wrote,
Mary Paulusma

Week with Mike!

I <3 Mike. Hee. Heaps of pics from his visit... beware!


Many more under the cut.

Found this shirt in the men's section at the thrift store... one thing led to another...

What's more Canadian than a parka?

He likes my undies...


With the head of the Luigi cake I made him

In Zellers

Roberta Bondar needed her nose cleaned.

Violating a moose

The cake

Cuddle shot

Stealing his tongue

Ew, boys!

Tender moment

Weird Al!

And again.

At the bushplane museum, molesting firemen.

And again.

Plane's eating his head!


What're you looking at?

Mirrors are fun! :D

A picture taken with a camera, of Mike taking a picture of a camera with a camera.

Crazy Space Cadet

Split shots are fun. :D


Mike blames the Canadian water for shrinking him.

Land of the Giants!

He likes to look down on people...

My favourite pic of them all :)

Mike likes this one better. :p

A pig "making him happy"

Me being white and nerdy

Mike's a princess.


Nice hat.

And again.

Cookies gone wrong.

Horribly, terribly wrong.

We had a little fun on his last night here.... *blush*

Sad clown with blue chicken pox?

Yep, he's a princess all right.

Seems to enjoy it, too.


*plays Jaws theme*

Purdy profile ;)

Lady eyes

Yep... still likes my undies... even the candy ones.


Sexylegs with "Sexylegs" *giggle* ... and Bertrand Russell.

And one more, minus Bertrand.

What a fun week it was. :)
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