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Pics pics pics!

Random news to start off: I've lost 25 pounds so far! :)

Now, on to more pics from Mike's visits!


About 40 more under the cut. :p

Me squinting at the sun

Waiting for Weird Al

My turn with the firemen ;)

Look at the size of that... hose...

It was so hot in that museum... I was hoping for water. :p

Not touching :)

I've turned into Igor... on a plane

Marvelling the planeage

This one might have been slightly too small for me.

Modern art :)

I shrunk, too!

Decapitated by a table


Oh so impressed.

I'm ginormous! :o (He made me pose for this, I swear.)




Me is a bandit.

Stealing his hand

Whatcha lookin' at?

A common look.

My best Einstein impression

Sittin' on the freezer

Just thought this pic would look cool if I cropped it... I think it's kinda neat :)

Timer test time!

Being goofs. As usual.


I love this pic...

"I have boobs!"

"Look how pretty they are!" comment.

We all have boobs!

I think I hit a sore spot...

Oh baby.

Mmm, fingers.

We always look so amused. :D

I think Mike's confused.

Totally impressed by everything.

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