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no. no no no. I was halfway through a long post and I made a boo boo and hit something and it all *poof* dissappeared! *shakes fist*

So this post went from excellency to annoyance, hehe.

Long story short, I got a letter in the mail the other day stating I've been selected as the recipient of the Design Excellence Award! :D Gave me a little high for the day. I get to go to a presentation/reception in March with all the other folks from the college who won awards. Kinda cool. :)

I know I never update this darn thing, but truth is I rarely have much to say, and I have so much homework stuff to keep up with (you know, gotta keep up my excellence here ;)) and, y'know, most of my updates would be 'grar! not enough time in the day!'

So here's my little update.
Mike was here from Thurs. night to Tues. afternoon.... we had a nice little belated Valentine visit... he showed up with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates... made me dinner on Saturday... I got horribly ill on Sunday, and was still a little queasy for Monday and Tuesday. All better now though, and I have to go to the school on my week off to do some homework! Hmph!

Mike's coming back for his break week in about three weeks, so I'm already counting down the days. :)

Other than that, there's not much to report. I got my new driver's licence, man those things are uggggly. Miss Excellence over here wants to redesign them. *giggle*

Oh, I never let *anything* go to my head.
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